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New technologies have changed the way in which entrepreneurs and small businesses operate.  Personal Assistants worth their salt have never been so in-demand for skills such as calendar, travel and social media management, online marketing / website updates. A full time office-based Executive Assistant is no longer as cost effective as a Virtual Executive Assistant (or Virtual PA) whose time is allocated to businesses on an as and when needed basis.

We offer our clients a bespoke service designed to suit their specific needs. We manage their business, secretarial and personal needs remotely resulting in significantly lower overheads, saving on the benefits expected by a full time, experienced PA such as maternity leave, holiday pay & expensive pension contributions.

With our help, our clients are able to focus on what is important to them, safe in the knowledge that we will always go above and beyond to provide the highest levels of service and they only pay for the time they use us.



We Add Value

Virtual PA Services & Online Marketing 

Not only can we manage your administration remotely, we can also provide social media management services, preparing posts, Tweets and shortened links, blog articles, and email newsletters all of which enhance your online presence.  
Why not leave it to us to design your Facebook & Twitter Business Pages, social media strategies and Pay Per Click Campaigns?  All of these result in creating additional interest and increase revenue by directing online traffic to your website.  If your needs are less marketing driven and you'd like us to carry out some of your every day tasks such as online research or completing expense reports, we're very happy to take these on too.  Every business has administrative needs which, when outsourced, can free up several hours a week which can be better spent doing what you do best, reaching out to your clients or working on generating new business ideas.


Email Marketing 

Email Marketing is still as popular as ever but it needs to be carried out correctly.  We use an excellent email marketing programme which allows us to track and report on who opens each email and to see which link the recipient then clicks through to.  All of this information helps our clients to learn more about their potential customers and assists in making informed choices about what to include in their next email communication. We also ensure that once someone has unsubscribed, their email address is removed from the system once and for all, thus avoiding the danger of them receiving any further communication in the future.

You Save Time

We Add Value By Saving Time & Overheads

From arranging meetings and creating PowerPoint presentations to website management and providing transcription services, we save busy people the time they need to focus on their businesses.  With Webmaster and Business Computing qualifications, we enhance our clients' online presence by designing and managing their social media accounts to ensure they are utilising all the best online tools available to them.  This increases interest and directs potential customers to their websites resulting in opportunities for additional revenue.

As Virtual PAs and online marketing managers, we work from our own offices which saves on overheads and expensive staff costs. It also means we are reducing our carbon footprint. Our clients don't pay us when we’re not working or on holiday. Simply put:  ‘We add value’   Clients use us when they need us!


Website Updates

Websites require updating and the more up to date and relevant information is contained within your website, the more interest it will generate.  We ensure our clients are linking to their social media accounts and blogs by providing updates on a regular basis.  We also ensure their websites are optimised for mobile viewing as most people access websites via their mobile devices. Images are great to include to add interest but they need to be relevant.  We ensure our clients' images are properly tagged and adjusted to suit using Photoshop. We can even design websites from scratch as well as logos and favicons.


Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around and get to know us. We welcome your thoughts, comments, tips or personal contact requests. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

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