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CJ Virtual PA Online Marketing & Social Media

You're more likely to keep winning new customers if you keep in touch with them to let them know which new products or services are soon going to be on offer to them and social media is a great way to ensure you are top of mind.  In consultation with you, we design your e-mail newsletter template, edit your content, upload your images and links and update your database .  We send your newsletters as often as you like and also create and manage online surveys, giving you invaluable insight into what your customers really want.
Our Virtual PA Services include online newsletter design and database management.
If you don't have any images to use in your social media advertising, we can help you to source these online.  We have several years experience using a professional online e-mail newsletter platform and can set up and manage your account for you.  We'll even send you charts showing who has opened your Newsletter, who has clicked through to your linked pages, who has unsubscribed and how many people opened your communication.  We'd be happy to show you samples of our work.

Our VIrtual PA Services include sourcing content for blogs.
Not everyone has the time to write a blog which is where we come in.  You can either give us the subject and content and we edit and create links to your website and social media tools, or we can research the subject for you and draft the blog ourselves,  increasing the likelihood of your business being found online. We'll even source images for your blogs if you like (or use the ones you send us), ensuring they are correctly tagged to optimise your chances of the blog being found by the search engines.  We then add your blog to the appropriate listings and directories, giving you maximum online exposure for your business.

Our Virtual PA Services include writing content for e-zines and articles.
As Web Designers, we understand what attracts attention -  nothing is published until you have approved the final version and we make changes until you're happy.
By delegating your article writing to us, you add to your portfolio giving your customers an even better idea of how well you know your industry, further enhancing your online presence.



You don't have to worry about tweeting, blogging or uploading images to keep your customers coming back for more. We take away the hassle by taking care of your social media management, leaving you free to do what you do best in your business

We ask you for your background information, which experiences led you to where you are now and create your professional image on Linked-In where your prospective customers can find and link to you - you can also gain introductions to the people they're linked to - you never know where that might lead.

Facebook offers a great opportunity to showcase your offerings to your customers and to build a solid fanbase for your products or services.  We build your business page and update it to keep it current, encouraging more 'Likes' for your business. When you utilise our website services, we include a Facebook button on your new website.

Use Twitter to let your followers know what you're up to, which new products you're launching, when your events are happening - the only limit is the number of characters we tweet for you in any one post!
When you utilise our website services, we include your Twitterfeed on your new website.

Pinterest is a great tool for anyone wanting to promote their products online. We can enhance your images to ensure your Pinterest pages are visually appealing, drawing attention to whatever it is that you sell in your business.

If you would like to find out more about our Online Marketing Services, click here to send an Email to info@cjvirtualpa.com

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