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CJ Virtual PA
CJ Virtual PA

CJ Virtual PA Testimonials

"Sara is a great asset. Extremely well organised and capable of dealing with a wide range of activities and multiple demands on her time. Strongly recommended. "
Professor Jason Crain, National Physical Laboratory


I was the director of IBM's personal computer business in the UK and later Director of service and support for their whole EMEA operations, based in Paris.  So I know a bit about both tiny and huge companies and the people who can bridge those divides.

Obviously in such environments you need people who are flexible, can get the best out of each other when everyone is new and can appear cool and professional when it's all a bit less than perfect!  Sara excelled as her positive and organised behaviour steadied the ship when almost everyone was in another country (half our staff were based overseas and all the management seemed to live on planes)  - customers thought she was approachable, professional and even when all was chaos, a pleasure to deal with. 

There are two reasons she's so good, she's smart enough to know what she can do and gets on with it and smart enough to know if the situation needs escalating and, as a superb relationship manager, everyone (inside and outside the company)  trusted her, so if she said "help" they wanted to.  

In the recent years I've followed her successes and I know she's someone you will be able to count on.  I recommend her highly.

Ian Boulton, IBM


Sara has injected some much needed style and technical expertise into the Hampton & Holles Boat Clubs Association (HHBCA). Our creaking website has been given a new lease of life with a strong image, something, with Sara's help, we hope to utilise more to keep our supporters informed and up to date. She has revamped our promotional material to reflect the image we hope to portray as a professional and current Boulton, IBMassociation. Sara, thank you for all your help - much appreciated.

Samantha Austyn, LEHS

Since early 2007, Sara has become an indispensable resource for our management consultancy business.
Keeping the management and administration of this “network enterprise” in good order, across numerous countries and timezones, is a challenge. Sara has assisted us with a wide range of matters, ranging from scheduling and travel (e.g. resolving some challenging visa issues for Russia), to various aspects of client contract administration. Throughout, we have been impressed with the prompt, responsive and effective support that Sara provides. We find that her hallmarks are initiative, thoroughness and energetic follow-up. We expect to work with Sara for the foreseeable future; and the role may well expand as our business develops. 
Michael Tyler, Tyler & Company 


Sara is an exceptional Virtual PA. Her work ethic, creativity, understanding and passion for my businesses made working with her a dream. She knows how to work from a distance, manage her time and priorities superbly, and get the job done with a dedication that you'd be hard pressed to find in an employee. She adds value beyond her tasks. I would highly recommend her to anyone, anywhere in the world.
Francesco Benincasa, CEO at Gorithmic Inc.
Sara is very approachable, efficient and professional. She meets deadlines on time and anticipates your needs.  She is very flexible and tailors her services to meet individual client needs.
Myles Downey, Executive Coach & Author of "Effective Coaching"


I had the great pleasure to work with Sara whilst I was both a Member of the MSA (PTA), and Swim Coach for the school swim team. Sara transformed the role at the Mall when she arrived, introducing a slick and efficient management system, that was highly conducive to new ideas and ventures for the school and its commercial effectiveness.  
Salim Ahmed, Brand Strategist January 2014


If you need matters dealt with in a timely, effective and efficient manner, Sara is top of her game. I could not be more enthusiastic about Sara's service, particularly her communication abilities and attention to detail. I'll be looking for opportunities to use her again.

Melissa Kirby: Legal Director and strategist  January 6, 2010



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